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About Artistic Aisles

We are one of the forerunners in runner sales and have sold these durable wedding aisle accessories for over 20 years. Our top quality canvas cloth aisle runners are available for purchase in over 40 brilliant colors and 3 width sizes, the standard 36 inch, a larger 48 inch and our impressive 60 inch width! Witnessing their superior performance first hand in the many weddings we have serviced over the years, we know that our heavy weight fabric runners always perform perfectly on every surface, with never a heel poke, snag or tear to worry about. Our 60 inch wide canvas runners are an outstanding choice for outdoor weddings or on location rooms that need to fill a larger space or could use an extra splash of color.

Artistic Aisles offers Custom Hand Painted Cloth Runners

Enhance your ceremony even further with a custom painted aisle runner design by Cheryl Bernardi.

With over 25 years of experience in both fine art and commercial art, Cheryl can bring your wedding vision into reality. Her vast portfolio includes not only traditional monogram and emblem designs but realistic renderings of most everything imaginable!

Past works from A to Z include: Acanthus Leaves, Acorns, Banners, Bells, Berries, Biblical Quotations, Borders, Bouquets, Bubbles, Butterflies, Calla Lilies,Castles, Celtic Designs, Coat of Arms, Crests, Crystals, Dahlias, Diamonds,Dragonflies, Dates, Doves, Emblems, Emeralds, English Bull Dog, Feathers,Flowers, Foliage, Frames, Fruit, Flourishes, Gems,Glass Grapes, Green Shamrocks, Heather, Hearts, Invitation Art, Initial designs, Ivy, Jeweled Cross, Knot designs, King's Crown, Languages, Leaves, Memorials, Monograms, Mums, Names, Nerines, Olive Branches,Orchids, Patterns, Pearls, Pinecones, Poetry, Prayers, Proteas, Queen Anne’s Lace, Queen's Slipper, Quotations, Ribbons, Rings, Roses, Seashells, Sea horses, Snowflakes, Sonnets, Stargazers, Sunflowers, Symbols,Table Runners,Trinity Knot,Tributes, Universe of Stars, Verses, Vines, Vintage Fonts, Vows, Watering Can, Wedding Fonts,Wheat,Willow Braches, X-tra Attention to Detail, X-traordinary Results, Yellow Dahlias, Yarrow and Zinnias!

Please visit our photo gallery to view Cheryl’s extensive portfolio including pricing information.

To beginning planning your runner design or ordering your aisle runner

Aisle runners are purchased through Artistic Floral Design by ordering at our online store www.artisticfloraldesigns.com , or by phone. You can call us 24/7 at  800.481.4532.

If you are also interested in ordering a custom painted runner with Cheryl, please leave a note in the message box  on your online order form or mention this at the time you place your runner order with Artistic Aisles by phone.

* Please note that the purchase of the runner is a separate transaction from the runner graphics (customization).

You will be contacted by Cheryl with a quote for the graphics once the runner design has been discussed.





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